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Walking rehabilitation quantified = WALKREQU

This treatment is ideal for patients whose walk distance is greater than 300 meters (328 yards or 984 feet) or whose time of walking is greater than 20 minutes.

It is also an assessment of great sensitivity


Click the links below to download “WALKREQU” = Walking rehabilitation quantified:

Walking Rehabilitation Quantified WALKREQU Version 221212C.xls 


By cons, for patients with a walk distance less than 300 meters
or the beginning of progression
the search of speed is not recommended
because the patient may lose balance and fall
Instead, it must take all the time to achieve
 its performance without losing balance
Speed tests are not a good indication of
 the patient's progress at this stage.
For these patients it is better to use
 the QUREWADI protocol that is more suitable

Authors of this article:

Roland SULTANA (Physical Therapist)

Dr. Gilbert Heurley (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation)

and collaborators


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